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Schwabe News Volume 1 | Issue 1 | October 2010 | 2010-10-01


Volume 1 | Issue 1 | October 2010 | Editorial Advisor: Dr. P. N. Varma | Editor: Dr. R. Valavan



  • Editorial

  • As conveyed in an earlier message, we bring the first issue of our news letter, ‘Schwabe News’. As a responsible homoeopathic concern it is always our effort to pass on the recent developments in the field of homoeopathy along with the existing...
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  • News from the world of homoeopathy

  • Dedicated helpline for homoeopathy and ISM in India

    The Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India has set up a dedicated Contact Interaction Center (CIC) for providing information on medical care facilities in Ayurveda , Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha...
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  • Provings

    Agave americana

    It is a drug mainly mentioned for its indications in mother tincture in the literatures. Main indications of mother tincture cover stomach pain, painful erection in gonorrhoea, strangury, hydrophobia, swollen and bleeding gums, poor appetite...
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  • Mother tincture info

    Ammi visnaga

    Ammi visnaga is also known as Visnaga, Khelle or picktooth. It grows in the dry regions of theMediterranean. It is indigenous to Egypt and widely cultivated in South America. It is an annual plant 1 to 1.5m high with ovate fan shaped leaves...
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  • Product watch

    Thyroidinum 3x Tablets

  • Thyroid gland secrets hormones thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3), through which it controls several functions of body such as using energy, making proteins, response to other hormones, etc.1 Deficiency of thyroid hormone, which is...
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  • Research news

  • Homoeoprophylaxis against Leptospirosis using a nosode: Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control
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