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Schwabe News Volume 10 | Issue 01-03 | Jan - March 2019 | 2019-04-23



Schwabe News

Volume 10 | Issue 01-03 | Jan - March 2019 |

Editor: Dr. R. Valavan | Editorial Assistant: Dr. Nitesh Sharma


Schwabe India relaunched common homoeopathic mother tinctures with the new attractive pack for esteemed homoeopathic consumers. Under the CSR activity we have organised free medical camp and free medicine distribution in Pratap Vihar locality...


Current News

Rebranded products launched by Schwabe India

Schwbae India rebranded 7 homoeopathic mother tinctures viz. Boldo, Muira puama, Berberis vulgaris, Hydrangea arborescens, Gambogia, and Ammi visnaga.


Free homoeopathic medical camp organised at Pratap Vihar

On 3rd Ferbuary 2019 with the association of RWA Pratap vihar colony, Schwabe India has organised free homoeopathy medical consultation and medicine distribution camp


Student's educational visit to Schwabe India

In the first quarter of 2019 Schwabe India extended its hospitality for approximately 700 visitors. They were from different regions of India.


Special training to PG scholars of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Schwabe India gave a Special training to the PG homoeopathic students of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed Univesity Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune. Heads of various departments like Liquid & Dilution, Mother Tincture..


Proving & clinical verification


Justicia adhatoda is also known as Vasaka. It was introduced by Dr. S. C. Ghose and is covered by Boericke materia medica, Robin Murphy Homoeopathic Remedy Guide...


Lapis alba

Commonly it is known as Silico-fluorid of calcium. The reproving was conducted in 1990 using 3x potency at (i) Regional Research Institute, New Delhi and (ii) Regional Research Institute...


Saraca indica

It is commonly known as Janosia ashoka. In Hindi it is known as Anganapriya. It is prepared from bark. The drug was introduced to homoeopathy...


Mother tincture info

Illicium anisatum

It is also known as Illicium verum & Anisum stellatum. Its common name is Star Anise. It is an evergreen tree grows up to 60 ft. Leaves are lanceolate and evergreen...



It is native of Bahamas and West Indies. A small tree upto 7 m in height. Leaves scanty, alternate...


Dictamnus albus

It is found in Himalayas from Kashmir to Kunawar and in West in Germany, France, Spain and Austria. It is also available in Korea. It is a perennial deciduous herb...


Product watch

Glycyrrhiza glabra 1X

Glycyrrhiza glabra is a proved homoeopathic medicine, largely used as mother tincture, or 1x. Empirically used as anti-inflammatory and expectorant...


Alpha™ - RC

The upper respiratory tract consists of the nose, nasopharynx and larynx, and the lower respiratory tract consists of trachea bronchi and lungs...


Carduus Marianus Pentarkan®

The liver is the largest and functionally most complex gland of the body. It plays a major role as an intermediary in the body metabolism. Furthermore...


Research news

Efficacy of Chelidonium majus on liver complaint

This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Chelidonium majus (Chel) 30CH and 200CH in amelioration of experimentally induced hepato-toxicity in rats...


Homoeopathic management of diabetes by Vaccinium myrtillus

Recently a study has been done to define this therapeutic action by administering Vaccinium myrtillus orally to streptozotocin induced diabetic rats for 4 days...


Sleep disorder and homoeopathic treatment

In this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, two parallel arms trial, patients were divided into control (placebo) and true (individualized homoeopathy) groups equally...



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