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Schwabe News Volume 5 | Issue 10-12 | October - December 2014 | 2014-12-31


Volume 5 | Issue 10-12 | October - December 2014 | Editorial Advisor: Dr. P. N. Varma | Editor: Dr. R. Valavan



  • Editorial

  • Recognition is a kind of motivation. We get motivated when our brand is recognised by thousands of people and physicians every day.  We get motivated when they trust our products. We get motivated when someone writes in his prescription ‘please dispense...
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  • Current News

  • Schwabe India is awarded Alternative Medicine Brand of the Year 2014

    Schwabe India, the Indian arm of Schwabe Group, world’s largest manufacturer of homoeopathic and phyto medicines, has been awarded "Alternative Medicine Brand of the Year". It was conferred at the India Health & Wellness Summit & Awards...
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  • Around 500 students and faculty members visited Schwabe India from across India

    The climate is usually pleasant in Delhi and adjacent regions in the period October to December.  That is the time many prefer to visit this place. In this period of 3 months, around 500 students and faculty members have visited Schwabe India from...
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  • Provings

    Abroma Augusta

    It is an Indian medicine and very frequently used in Ayurveda. The plant is available throughout the hotter parts of India, and to some areas of Sikkim, Khasia hills and Assam. A homoeopathic tincture is made from the leaves of the plant. Its homoeopathic...
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  • Mother tincture info

    Urtica dioica

    It was introduced by Dr. Hirschel's Archiv and first included in homoeopathic literature by Dr. Clarke.  Its pathogenesis and usage has a broad similarity with Urtica urens.  In some areas, it has been found superior to the frequently used Urtica...
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  • Product watch

    Phytolacca Berry Tablets

  • Any increase in body weight of more than 20% of normal value due to excessive accumulation of fat is termed obesity.  It occurs due to imbalance of food intake and energy spent (calories = energy).   It is a risk factor for many serious diseases like...
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  • Research news

  • Management of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections by Different Medical Practices, Including Homeopathy, and Consumption of Antibiotics in Primary Care
  • Open-label uncontrolled pilot study to evaluate complementary therapy with Ruta graveolens 9c in patients with advanced cancer
  • Efficacy of homeopathic intervention in subclinical hypothyroidism with or without autoimmune thyroiditis in children: an exploratory randomized control study
  • A study of the effect of mother tincture of Syzygium jambolanum on metabolic disorders of Streptozotocin induced diabetic male albino rat
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