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Schwabe News Volume 4 | Issue 9 | September 2013 | 2013-09-30


Volume 4 | Issue 9 | September 2013 | Editorial Advisor: Dr. P. N. Varma | Editor: Dr. R. Valavan



  • Editorial

  • Right from the beginning, Schwabe India manufacturing facility has been open to the students and practitioners to visit from all over the country. Every year, thousands of students visit the factory as part of their educational programme...
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  • Current News

  • Students from Howrah and Hyderabad visited Schwabe India

    Schwabe India has been doing many activities to encourage homoeopathic students across the country. As part of this endeavor, Schwabe India encourages BHMS students to visit the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Noida...
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  • Provings

    Bryonia alba

    Bryonia alba is covered by almost all materia medicas like Allen TF, Blackwood, Boericke, Boger, Clarke, Hering, Phatak, etc. It therapeutic areas include musculo-skeletal, mucous membranes, right side, etc. Its keynote symptom...
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  • Mother tincture info

    Terminalia arjuna

    Terminalia arjuna has a long history of use in India as cardiotonic.  It is a large deciduous tree 25m. in height with thick trunk and horizontally spreading branches with thick bark, smooth and greenish-white flaking out in large flat pieces...
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  • Product watch

    Luffakind – a product for allergic rhinitis in children

  • It has been proven that an increasing number of children suffer from allergic diseases.  Nevertheless, very few medicines provide an efficient and specific action.  The active herbal ingredients contained in Luffakind act in a synergetic...
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  • Research news

  • Anti-proliferative effects of homoeopathic medicines on human kidney, colon and breast cancer cells

    Dielectric dispersion studies of some potentised homoeopathic medicines reveal structured vehicle

  • Long-term effects of homoeopathic treatment in children suffering from attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity

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