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Schwabe News Volume 4 | Issue 2 | February 2013 | 2013-02-01


Volume 4 | Issue 2 | February 2013 | Editorial Advisor: Dr. P. N. Varma | Editor: Dr. R. Valavan



  • Editorial

  • In the recent “International Conference on Traditional Medicine for South East Asian Countries” the Health Minister of India has outlined the integration of AYUSH systems in the national health programmes. Further to promote these systems...
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  • Current News

  • India is to have separate Drug Controller for AYUSH medicines - report

    Keeping pace with global developments in Drug Control, the union health ministry is planning to set up a separate Central Drug Controller for Indian systems of medicine and homoeopathy. "India has a pluralistic healthcare delivery...
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  • Provings

    Galphimia glauca

    Galphimia glauca is a woody plant found from Mexico to Panama and West Indies. This drug is often used in low potencies in cases of allergic conditions. To establish its curative efficacy in homoeopathic doses, a placebo controlled pathogenetic...
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  • Mother tincture info


    Known as Common wormwood, it belongs to the family Compositae and botanically known by the names Artemisia absinthium Linn and Absinthium vulgare Lam.  It was introduced in Homoeopathy by Gatchell (HPUS).  It is found in Afghanistan...
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  • Product watch

    Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan®

  • Dysmenorrhoea is a term used to describe painful menstrual bleeding which commences premenstrually and as a rule peaks on the 1st and 2nd day of bleeding.  There are two different types of dysmenorrhoea distinguished on the basis of temporal...
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  • Research news

  • Management of influenza-like illness by homoeopathic and allopathic general practitioners in France during the 2009-2010 influenza season
  • H3N2 homoeopathic influenza virus solution modifies cellular and biochemical aspects of MDCK and J774G8 cell lines
  • Characteristics associated with use of homoeopathic drugs for psychiatric symptoms in the general population
  • Sepia 200CH at 1:1000 dilution ameliorates salt stress in cowpea seedlings but its medium 90% ethanol proves ineffective at the same dilution
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