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Schwabe India referral program terms & conditions



  • Start earning by referring to friends. 
  • Go to the My Account section and refer to your friend's who is not registered with Schwabe India
  • An existing user who invites his/her friends to use Schwabe's website is known as the Referrer.
  • A new user who signs-up for the first time on Schwabe's website shall be termed as the Referee.
  • Referee needs to register with a non-registered email id on the website. 
  • To avail the discount, the new users will have to enter the email id of the referrer in the box shown at the time of placing the first order. When referee makes his/her first order using Schwabe, both the Referrer and Referee will earn a bonus of 10%* (up to a maximum of Rs. 500) of the transaction value of the order.
  • However, this is applicable only on your first order. Referrer will be able to avail the discount only after the Referee's order is dispatched.


For example, If X is an existing customer of Schwabe, he can refer to his friend with his registered email Id. Let us assume that the friend is Y. Y signs up on the website. Y(X's friend) uses X's email Id becoming eligible to earn a 10% discount on the value of his first order. However X, an existing customer is eligible to avail a discount of 10% only after the shipment of Y's order. This offer is only valid for new sign ups.

Terms and Conditions 

  • This program is applicable for Schwabe's website only. 
  • The Referral Program is only valid on new sign ups.
  • Minimum order value for referee will be Rs 500.00 
  • The Email ID and/or phone number through which the friend signs up with, must not have been used for signing up with Schwabe earlier.
  • If your friends use someone else's referral link, the person whose link was used would get benefits, even though you had referred them first.
  • The discount earned using the referral program will have a validity of 15 days from the date of credit. If unutilized, it will cease to exist and will not be renewed under any circumstances.
  • When your friends make their first order, you will earn a discount of 10%* (up to a maximum of Rs. 500) of the transaction value of your friends order after the order is dispatched.
  • You can refer any number of people.
  • Usage conditions of discount offers may change at the discretion of Schwabe, at any point in time.
  • Schwabe reserves all rights to change the amounts conferred under Referal program at any point in time.
  • In case some fraudulent activity is found by Schwabe regarding the Referral program Schwabe reserves the right to block the benefits given to both referrer and the referred. Decision of the Schwabe Team will be final in this regard.

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