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An Overview of homeopathic treatment for dandruff
By: Admin
Feb 7, 2017

An Overview of homeopathic treatment for dandruff

Dandruff is a very commonly occurring problem which along with being an irritant also affects every age group. The best step here will be to opt for an effective homeopathic treatment for dandruff. These are available in the likes of topical lotion, oil, shampoo, medicine and so on. These solutions can ward off dandruff naturally and thereby guarantee a permanent recovery.

Causes of dandruff- a brief

The key factors that are responsible for dandruff is a skin oil called sebaceous secretions or sebum, certain metabolic micro-organism byproducts within the skin or specific individual triggers like allergy to chemicals present in anti-dandruff cures, oils, gels, sprays and hair shampoos. Besides climatic changes and too much perspiration can cause dandruff.

Frequently used effective homeopathic medicines to treat dandruff

Are you looking for a homeopathic treatment for dandruff then below are some of the best cures.

    • Kali sulphuricum - If you are suffering from yellow scaly dandruff then this is the best     medicine 
    • Thuja occidentalis - If you are suffering from white scaly dandruff then this is the medicine for     you. It will help to treat hair dryness 
    • Phosphurous - If you are suffering from persistent scalp itching followed by excessive hair fall     then try this medicine 

The bottom line is, do not choose a homeopathic medicine blindly. Discover the type and cause of dandruff and select the most appropriate solution to get rid of hair dryness, itchiness and scaly dandruff. Homeopathy is a far better choice over allopathy because it is safe, made of natural ingredients and thus has no side effects.

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