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Top Ten Weight Loss Tips for Women
By: Dr. Priyanka Motwani
Nov 24, 2018

Top Ten Weight Loss Tips for Women

Women have always been the more concerned gender about their appearance and about creating an impression on the people around them. But being over weight is mostly a medical concern for them rather than a concern about beauty and appearance. This is so because there are many medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, PCOD and Diabetes that lead to weight gain in women more often than in men. This load is increased by pregnancy and sometimes an inability to lose the extra kilos after child birth.

Some of the weight loss tips focused on women are:


1. Find an Exercise of Your Choice

Of course, exercising is the first advise that anyone gives for weight loss. But one mode of exercise does not work for everyone in the same way. It hence becomes important to find out the method that works best for you and that you like the most. This is so because something that you like will make you want to do it on a daily basis. So it could be yoga, zumba, dance or even gym that you like the most but unless you try them how will you ever know.


2. Stay Hydrated

This is not only important as a life advise but also for weight loss since drinking water keeps your mind active and refreshed thoughout the day and makes you want to remain physically active too.


3. Do not Crash Diet

A crash diet has many harmful effects, one of those is a slowed metabolism which actually makes your body slow down and hence gain more weight instead of losing it. This is so because your body, when hungry, tries to preserve all the remaining energy possible.


4. Team Up

Support from friends and relatives is always welcome. Ask them to help you prepare healthier meals and even join in on your exercises to keep you motivated and willing to go and have a good time with your friends at the gym.


5. Take One Day at a Time

Just like men do not become muscular one day after the gym, women cannot lose weight suddenly too. Give your body the time to adjust to the new schedule. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.


6. Keep a Track of your Calories

Instead of dieting, keep a track of your calorie intake. Visit a dietician if possible who can prepare a proper meal plan for you to follow.


7. Do not Check your Weight Everyday

Working so hard on trying to lose weight will make you have the temptation to check it frequently too. To avoid being demotivated do not do this too frequently.


8. Replace Foods instead of Dropping them off

Replacing foods with healthier ones will bring remarkably beneficial results. For example, replace normal tea with green tea, maggi with oats, sweets with fruits, and snacks with healthier alternatives like muesli.


9. Keep a Check of your Health

If the weight gain has been sudden or remarkable then do visit a doctor and get your basic tests done to identify any underlying major cause that may require medication.


10. Try homeopathic medicine for weight loss

Homeopathy has some of the best results in weight management. Some of the popular homeopathy medicine for weight loss in India are:

Calcarea carbonica
This is by far the most commonly used homeopathic weight loss medicine and helps those with a history of obesity since childhood along with a dislike for milk. These patients like to remain in a comfort zone, preferring to stay inside their homes, and may have a craving for eggs.


Phytolacca berry tablets
These are famous as homeopathy weight management remedy and this is so because of their properties that help in weight loss even in aged people. Due to its popularity, some call such remedies as homeopathy weight management capsules.


Lycopodium clavatum
It is one of the famous remedies for kidney stones but has shown to show some brilliant effects in women for weight loss especially those with irregular or scanty menses.


This is a good medicine for women with a history of gall stones and central obesity more than anywhere else on the body.


Ammonium carbonicum
It is a weight loss homeopathic medicine for those with a lemon on a stick appearance of the body, ie, the body fat is accumulated on the upper half of the body instead of the lower half.


About The Author

Priyanka MotwaniNov

Dr. Priyanka Motwani

An energetic and young doctor with a zeal to learn more and more each day, I am currently working as a Resident for Medicover Fertility which is an international group of medical care founded in Poland. Even though I am not completely encapsulated in Homoeopathy, it is my original calling and I try to implement it in my life as well as in those around me as much as possible. Writing for Schwabe gives me purpose in the field of Homoeopathy and helps me stay in touch with my roots.

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