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6 Signs that suggest your kidneys might be in trouble
By: Admin
Jan 19, 2019

6 Signs that suggest your kidneys might be in trouble

Your kidneys are responsible for removing waste and excess fluid from your body. They regulate salt, potassium, and acid levels; keep blood pressure in check; produce vitamin D; and control the production of red blood cells. The symptoms of kidney damage are typically very subtle, and by the time you notice them, there is usually already serious harm. While the kidney diseases are often very silent, there are some warning signs that you must be aware of:

1. Swelling and weight gain from fluid buildup (edema)
Your kidneys are supposed to eliminate waste from the body but if it is not able to do so properly, then the fluid is retained causing swelling in tissue. You can even gain weight due to this.

2. Urinating less
Kidneys remove excess fluid from the body in the form of urine. More fluid being stuck in your tissues translates to less of it being flushed out of your body.

3. Feeling very tired or sleepy
Kidneys are also responsible for regulating a person's hemoglobin level. If the level of hemoglobin goes awry, then you can end up anemic, which may cause your energy levels to plummet.

4. Other health issues
Losing your appetite, feeling nauseated, or having trouble thinking clearly are some of the problems that may occur when waste builds up in your system and starts to mess with other parts of your body, including your stomach and your brain.

5. Rising blood pressure
Once the kidneys are damaged, they can't effectively control blood pressure. This may cause a rise in the blood pressure, which can further damage the blood vessels in the kidneys by scarring and weakening them.

6. Having palpitations
If your kidney is not functioning properly and there is a buildup of potassium, you might notice an abnormal heartbeat


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