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Suffering from Dandruff? Cure it with Homeopathy and its Herbs
By: Admin
Feb 7, 2017

Suffering from Dandruff? Cure it with Homeopathy and its Herbs

Dandruff is a serious problem these days. It is common amongst the people of every age group. It does not have any particular cause or harmful effects. It mainly causes irritation and discomfort in men and women. It is an ordinary problem faced by almost everyone.

Medically it is termed as 'Seborrheic Dermatitis.' It also causes physical pain, swelling, irritation, redness of scalp. The inflammatory conditions of dandruff can be controlled with medicines, oils, home remedies and at times with the help of effective homeopathic treatment for dandruff.

It is the result of some sensitive reactions which causes rapid growth of Pityrosporum Ovale yeast. It is normally found on the scalp. Dry and oily scalp also give growth to flakes. If you are constantly using more fashionable products to style your hairs they might harm your hair and cause dandruff easily. One of the most genuine treatment to control this problem is by using best anti dandruff shampoo. It mostly occurs because the dead cells of the scalp start shedding.

The common signs are white and yellow oily and sticky flakes of the dead skin. You can easily notice them on your shoulders, hairs dark clothes and at times, people notice them on the ears, eyebrows. It causes itching, redness, leaves the scalp too dry or too oily. All of these signs and symptoms can be controlled with the regular use of B&T best anti-dandruff shampoo. It has Lavendula, Saponaria and Urtica Dioca. These combination of natural herbs provide good relief.

The homeopathic treatment for dandruff is easy and safe for everyone. It does not cause any side-effect and allergies to other body parts. Here are some popular homeopathic remedies for controlling this disease:

    • Thuja cures the white and scaly flakes with heavy hair fall.
    • Natrum Mur controls the greasy and oily scalp, it reduces the dry eruptions, itching and     burning of hair follicles.
    • Kali Sulph and phosphorus control the yellow flakes and hair fall. 

This disease is not fatal, neither contagious. You can easily control it with easy methods and these medicines. It is advised to take consultation from your doctor before initiating the medication.

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