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Female Diseases

Anemia during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, and treatment
Top 10 supplements for a healthy heart
By: Dr. Aditi Sharma
2022-03-14 16:05:51

Anemia is a condition in which the blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to the tissues in the body. This leads to the dysfunction of other organs and functions. It is also called low hemoglobin levels because the red blood cells contain the pigment hemoglobin. This iron-rich protein is essential for the...

What are the natural ways to handle painful menstruation?
Top 10 supplements for a healthy heart
By: Dr. P T Ponmani
2019-12-23 15:18:37

Painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea as it is medically termed is a painful condition of menstrual cramps due to uterine contractions. The pain generally begins 1 or 2 days before or during the first two days of bleeding. The pain is mostly felt in the lower abdomen, back and inner thighs. The pain may vary from mild to severe and is sometimes...

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