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new B&T Neem Face Wash

B&T Cleansing Neem Face Wash

Neem + Calendula + Echinacea + Berberis

Available in 60 ml
  • Cleanses the skin and prevents pimples.

  • Washes away excess oil which attracts dirt & bacteria
Rs. 65.50 Rs. 80.00 18.00% off
Calendula Aloe Vera Cream

Calendula & Aloe Vera Multi Purpose Cream

The goodness of Calendula & Aloe Vera

Available in 100 g & 300 g
Mutipurpose uses:
  • Dryness of skin
  • Face & body massage
  • Skin blemishes & dark spots
  • Nappy rashes
Rs. 94.30 Rs. 115.00 18.00% off
B&T Skin Care Bathing Bar

Skin Care Bathing Bar

The power of Calendula

Available in 75 g
The natural way to Beauty & Skin Care
Rs. 49.20 Rs. 60.00 18.00% off
B&T Glow & Fairness Soap

Glow & Fairness Soap

The goodness of Aloevera, Calendula, Pulsatilla, Berberis A., Haldi & Chandan

Available in 75 g
For a naturally glowing skin
Rs. 41.00 Rs. 50.00 18.00% off
B&T Akne - Sor Soap

Akne-Sor Soap

The power of Berberis, Cardiospermum, Echinacea & Aloe vera

Available in 75 g
For acne & psoriasis
Rs. 41.00 Rs. 50.00 18.00% off
B&T Akne - Sor Soap


The goodness of Aloe vera, Turmeric & Cardiospermum With Vitamin E & Vitamin D

Available in 100 g
For moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin
Rs. 111.00 Rs. 135.00 18.00% off
B&T Akne - Sor Soap


The goodness of Neem & Cardiospermum For Dry / Cracked Heels

Available in 100 g
For Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin
Rs. 106.00 Rs. 130.00 18.00% off
B&T Akne - Sor Soap

B&T Body Oil

Massage is a therapy celebrated for its multifaceted health benefits that transcend mere physical relaxation

Available in 200 ml
This oil, with its rich composition of natural ingredients.
Rs. 114.80 Rs. 140.00 18.00% off
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