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A drug that lowers tension and stress without side effects

• Contains internationally acknowledged, natural anxiolytic Passiflora

• Normalises physiological functions and reduces anxiety

• Has sedative and calming effect

•Controls depression

• Reduces melancholia.

Presentation : 30 ml glass bottle pack.

If you are a doctor, please click here for more information.

Dosage :  Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 10 - 20 drops  3 times per day.  If complaints are not relieved, consult a  specialist.

Note :  The product contains alcohol. In the case of children, pregnant and lactating ladies and in certain serious liver and alcohol problems,  consult a specialist.

Side effects :  No side effects of AlphaTM-TS are known.

Contra-indications :  No contra-indications for the use of AlphaTM-TS  are known.

Interactions :  None known up to present.


12/21/2018 18:47:04

Darpan Chheda

The product seems to be working well with me. I have been using it for more than a month & i have noticed considerable difference in stress levels ... Would love to continue using it for some time now.


07/22/2015 17:22:09

Stress relief medicine

This medicine is really good, Controls depression and lowers tension and stress. I feel much stress free and relief now. I will highly recommend it to all.


04/15/2015 18:10:38

best medicine

Vry gud medicine. Before this medicine i used ayurvedic medicine. But it is best . It give me relief in a month.


01/30/2015 12:32:03

Got relief after suing this medicine

I used this homeopathic medicine to get relief from tension & stress. Due to stress, I was feeling too much frustrated and angry. After using this medicine. I got relief. Now I am enjoying my life with full happiness.


12/24/2014 13:42:40

Alpha TS for Stress Reviews

My uncle was feeling too much stressed since last nine to ten months. He was suffering depression due to over burden of the work in the office and few family problems. I have tried many times to make him laugh, but failed. Then, I searched the homeopathic medicine online for getting relief from stress and depression. I purchased it from schwabe India and given it to my Aunty. Now I can see the positive result of it. My uncle is planning for a big party on the occasion of New Year. Thank you Schwabe India for solving my problem. Your medicine is really very good and effective. I would like to shop with you again in future whenever I will be in need. Thanks.


09/29/2014 15:23:30

Alpha-TS for Tension and Stress

Due to irregular lifestyle I have been suffering from tension and stress problems for some time now and none of the medicines seemed to do any good and they also have some side effects.Then one of my friend who is from medical field suggested me to try ALPHA-TS Tablet I have ordered it online from schwabeindia.com the product was delivered on time and initial results of the product are quite promising.

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For Tension and Stress

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For use of a registered medical practitioner or a hospital or a laboratory.



Tension and sleep problems are inter-related. Stress, anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration, confusion and emotional disturbance have large overlapping areas. They are precipitants to (a) headache (b) sleep disturbance and (c) depressive illness. Sleep is known to have a restorative function and is important for conservation of energy and growth. Psychological factors are considered to have main etiological influences on sleep disorders. Insomnia is a condition of inadequate quality and quantity of sleep with prominent symptom of difficulty in getting sleep or early awakening. 

AlphaTM-TS is aimed at tension, headache and sleep disorders due to increased stress, anxiety, or overwork. The concomitant symptoms are lack of physical and mental power. The formulation takes care of these aspects. 

Indications : Excitation and sleep disturbance (difficulty in falling asleep or to sleep through).


Eschscholtzia californica ? 25%

Lupulus ? 30%

Passiflora incarnata ? 30%

Zincum metallicum 6x 1%

Excepients Q.S

Alcohol content 58% v/v 

Proven indications of the individual ingredients in the sphere of claimed action : 

Eschscholtzia californica : It is considered as harmless soporific. It normalises psychological functions and has sedative and analgesic effect. It is used for nervous tension, anxiety and difficulty in sleeping. 

Lupulus : It covers sleeplessness, drowsiness during the day, remaining awake with apprehension. It has calming effect on mind. It has an established efficacy for tension, headache and sleep disorders. 

Passiflora incarnata : It is used for sleeplessness, restlessness after fever and after tedious labour when the patient becomes nervous and excited. It is reputed to have anti-spasmodic and sedative properties. 

Zincum metallicum : It is useful in depression, melancholia with aversion to work or to talk, patient has frickleness ( very variable mood) with sadness towards noon and joy in the evening or vice versa. Retarded and disturbed sleep with frequent waking, patient feels unrefreshed after sleep, during sleep has unpleasant dreams. (REM phases are disturbed). 

Dosage : Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 10 - 20 drops 3 times per day. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist. 

Note : The product contains alcohol. In the case of children, pregnant and lactating ladies and in certain serious liver and alcohol problems, consult a specialist. 

Side effects : No side effects of AlphaTM-TS are known. 

Contra-indications : No contra-indications for the use of AlphaTM-TS are known. 

Interactions : None known up to present. 

Presentation : 30 ml glass bottle pack.

Manufactured in India by

Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd.

A-36, Sector-60, Phase III, Noida, U.P. India.

Website: www.schwabeindia.com

A subsidiary of Schwabe International GmbH, Germany



What are Alpha-TS?

An alpha-TS drop is specially formulated for excitation and sleep disturbances, drowsiness due to lack of sleep and sleep disorders in general. The ingredients are Eschscholtzia californica, Lupulus, Passiflora incarnata and Zincum metallicum.

What are uses/benefits of Alpha-TS?

Alpha-TS drop is aimed at tension, headache and sleep disorders due to increased stress, anxiety or overexertion. Eschscholtzia is a soporific and normalizes psychological functions and acts as a sedative and analgesic. Lupulus is useful in treating sleeplessness, drowsiness and has calming effect on mind. Passiflora is again used for sleeplessness, restlessness after fever and tedious labor. It has anti-spasmodic and sedative action. Zincum metallicum treats depression, melancholia and mood variations.

How to use Alpha-TS?

The drop should be used before going to sleep as 15-20 drops in water or as prescribed by physician.

What are side effects of Alpha-TS?

There are no side effects of Alpha-TS reported so far.

What precautions to take before taking Alpha-TS?

No precautions necessary.

Is Alpha-TS drop suitable for children?


How long should I take Alpha-TS?

It should be taken as long as the symptoms are relieved or as prescribed by physician.

Is it safe to take Alpha-TS during pregnancy?

Yes, it is better to take an advice of a physician before taking.

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