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Growing Children


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A powerful combination of 3 products. It contains Alfalfa Tonic-Paediatric, Munostim and Calciokind. Indications of Individual products are as below:

Alfalfa Tonic- Paediatric: A tonic with syrup base specially formulated for children. Stimulates physical and mental activities. Improves nutrition by toning up the appetite. Relieves tension and stress. Improves sleep. Relieves fatigue and alleviates debility. Produces remarkable improvement in anaemic patients despite prolonged medication. Has no side effects.

Munostim: Stimulates immune system and prevents proneness to repeated attacks of illness. Increases resistance against invasion by pathogens. Helps overcome side effects of vaccinations. Regulates vital functions. Acts as a disease preventing, health promoting agent

Calciokind: Helps absorption, utilization and maintenance of calcium. Ensure proper metabolism of calcium. Relieves pain in bones and muscle weakness. Influences development of bone structure and strengthens teeth. Strengthens immune defence system.

Presentation: Alfalfa Tonic-Paediatric: 2 bottles of 100 ml each, Munostim: 1 bottle of 10 gm of globules each. Calciokind: 2 bottles of 10 gm of tablets each

As per the leaflet of individual products.

Aakib M
01/2/2016 12:22:30

growing children

good combo

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Growing Children

Growing Children

Growing Children

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