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Breathing Problems


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A powerful combination of 4 products.It contains Grindelia Pentarkan, Senega Pentarkan, BC 01 and Alpha-RC). Indications of individual products are as below:

Grindelia Pentarkan: For mild bronchial asthma and allergic bronchitis. Helpful in de-congestion, relaxation and expectoration. Corrects metabolic disturbances. Covers wheezing, oppression of the chest with viscous mucus. Also indicated for spasmodic cough, dry cough, cough with nausea and vomiting, constant constriction in the chest.

Senega Pentarkan: Effective in chronic bronchitis with persistent cough. Controls rattling in the chest with feeling of tightness and soreness. Useful in \'winter cough\' with congestion in the chest. Indicated for chronic bronchial and pulmonary conditions where cough is loud and hollow with mucopurulent expectoration.

BC 01: For irritating cough & catarrh. Used as anti-inflammatory and expectorant. Useful in irritating cough, sore throat, cold and bronchitis. Research found it useful like corticosteroids without their side effects. Inhibits the growth of prostate cancer. Helps in reduction of body fat.

Alpha –RC: The proven combination for congestion and associated symptoms. Effective in controlling catarrhal conditions with associated coryza, sneezing, soreness of chest, headache and malaise. Covers all symptoms of viral fever. Catarrhal hoarseness, spasmodic contraction, breathlessness, cough and headache caused by toxic stimulants like cigarette smoke, dust, fumes are effectively controlled. Calms the patient and provides a sense of wellbeing.

Presentation: Grindelia Pentarkan-1 bottle of 20 gms , Senega Pentarkan- 1 bottle of 20 gm, BC 01 -1 Bottle of 100 mg tablets of 20gm, Alpha RC- 1 pack(40 tablets in Blister pack of 4x10)

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Breathing Problems

Breathing Problems

Breathing Problems

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