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Antipyrinum LATT


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Indication: Please consult your physician

Size - 20 gm

Rs. 110.00
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Antipyrine is one of the drugs that causes a change in the count of white blood cells similar to ergotin, tuberculin and salicylates. It acts especially on the vasomotor centers leading to widening of capillaries of the skin and consequent limited patches of hyperemia and swelling. Large doses of the drug causes excessive sweating, dizziness, discoloration of the skin, strong desire to sleep and blood in urine.
Mind - Treats nervous anxiety, fear of becoming insane and delusions of sight and hearing.

Head - As reported, it covers headache associated with earache, palpitations, sensation of pressure and flashes of heat.

Eyes - Swelling in the eyelids, red spots and flow of tears.

Ears - Pain and perception of noise and buzzing in the ears.

Face - Red and swollen face.

Throat - Signs such as discharge of stinky pus, pain on swallowing, sensation of burning and pimples/white false membrane.

Stomach - Burning and pain, nausea and vomiting.

Urine - Decreased urge to pass urine.

Female - When a person experiences suppressed periods, itching and burning and watery yellow discharge from the vagina.

Heart - Palpitations throughout the body, quick and weak pulses, unconsciousness with a feeling of improper functioning of the heart.
Other symptoms can be found in -
1. Mouth
2. Respiratory
3. Skin
4. Nerves

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Antipyrinum LATT

Antipyrinum LATT

Schwabe's Antipyrinum LATT

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  • Size - 20 gm

    Rs. 110.00

  • Size - 20 gm

    Rs. 110.00


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