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Schwabe Germany Products

Schwabe Germany Products

Welcome to Schwabe India´s Homoeopathic Products - Made in Germany!

Dr. Willmar Schwabe, pharmacist, author and publisher, founded the Homoeopathic Central Pharmacy in the year 1866 to manufacture and sell homoeopathic medicines. Dr. Willmar Schwabe Arzneimittel, as the company is called today, is the oldest and most respected homoeopathic manufacturer in Germany and the world. The history of the company provides some of the most outstanding examples of contributions to the evolution of homoeopathy after Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who founded homoeopathy 200 years ago. The main aim of Dr. Willmar Schwabe was to standardize the industrial production of homoeopathic medicines by strictly adhering to the rules of Hahnemann. Dr. Willmar Schwabe's "Homöopathisches Arzneibuch", the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia, published in 1872 serves as an international reference standard for Homoeopathy even today. In the year 1946, the company relocated from Leipzig to Karlsruhe, where the third Schwabe generation also started to develop and manufacture phyto-therapeutic medicines. Schwabe's emphasis on the quality and efficacy of its products has made it one of the leading manufacturers of natural medicines in the world. The company follows stringent World Health Organization (WHO) standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In 1961, DHU (Deutsche Homöopathie-Union) was established as a subsidiary company to strengthen the position of homoeopathy and the Schwabe range of homoeopathic products were transferred to them. The product and service range of DHU have continuously expanded since it's founding. In 1983 there was a significant expansion of the production and storage facilities of DHU. From the very beginning, DHU was committed to highest quality homoeopathy. DHU is the recognized industry leader in homoeopathic research and education. It has ongoing projects in both areas around the world in order to advance the science of homoeopathy.

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Speciality Products

Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops
The original homoeopathic eye drops from Schwabe Germany
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Other Specialities
Apart from fast moving dilutions & mother tinctures, and Cineraria maritima eye drops, Schwabe India imports an elaborated range of Schwabe Ge ... Read More

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Single Remedy

From the genuine mother tinctures (most of which are prepared from the medicinal plants cultivated in our own nurseries under organic cultivation ... Read More

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Mother Tinctures
Schwabe Germany products are in Indian market for more than a century. As we have specified group of customers for Schwabe Germany mother tincture ... Read More

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Biochemic Therapy

Biochemics Schwabe India imports and markets all 12 biochemic salts manufactured by Schwabe Germany. They are  available in 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x and 200x. Read More

Bioplasgens There are 28 biocombination / bioplasgen imported by Schwabe India which are manufactured by Schwabe Germany Read More