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Freedom from Joint Pain


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A powerful combination of 3 products. It contains Alpha-MP, Topi MP and Topi Arnica. Indications of Individual products are as below:

Alpha-MP: For relief from muscular pain of various origins. Takes care of tearing pains of tendons and ligaments. Covers muscular soreness. Indicated also for uneasy feeling of the limbs. Relieves spasmodic muscular pain, cramps and rheumatic pains. Reduces general uneasiness, weariness and weakness

Topi MP:For Rheumatic and Sciatic Pains. Exerts an anti-inflammatory action. Supports healing of damaged tissue. Improves joint mobility. A combination recommended worldwide.

Topi Arnica: For muscular aches and pains due to injuries / wounds. Improves the local blood supply. Accelerates healing. Increases the rate of re-absorption of internal bleeding. Effective compress for bruises, sprains and muscular pain

Presentation: Alpha-MP -2 Bottles of 30 ml each, Topi MP-2 units each of 25gms in tube, Topi Arnica- 2 units each of 25 gms in tube.

As per the leaflet of individual products.

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Freedom from Joint Pain

Freedom from Joint Pain

Freedom from Joint Pain

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