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B&T Refreshing Cool Bathing Bar


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    • 75 gms
    • Bathing Bar
    • Rs. 50.00
    • Rs. 50.00
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B&T Refreshing Cool Bathing Bar is a formula specially developed for keeping the skin healthy and provide refreshing &cool sensations. It is especially beneficial in prickly heat.

Presentation: 75 gms

* Goodness of lavendula, Tulsi, Mentha and Neem
* Especially beneficial in prickly heat
* Refreshing and cooling action by Mentha and Lavendula
* Antimicrobial action of Neem and Tulsi

Apply the bathing bar on the skin, rub gently and produce foam, let the foam remain for one minute and then wash.

Ashi r
07/22/2015 17:08:01

B&T Refreshing Cool Bathing Bar

Recently I purchased B&T Refreshing Cool Bathing Bar from India. It is a nice product and gives cool sensation. I will recommend it to all.

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B&T Refreshing Cool Bathing Bar

B&T Refreshing Cool Bathing Bar

Relaxing bath by soothing skin & giving cooling effect with the goodness of Lavendula, Tulsi, Mentha& Neem.

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