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  • Angioton*


    Low Blood Pressure more

    • Currently 4.53/5

    (43 Ratings)

    Rs. 135.00

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  • Calcarea phosphorica

    Calcarea phosphorica

    Bone problems and teething complaints in children more

    • Currently 4.51/5

    (88 Ratings)

    Rs. 78.00

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  • Crataegus Pentarkan*

    Crataegus Pentarkan*

    Senile Heart / Cardiac weakness more

    • Currently 4.79/5

    (70 Ratings)

    Rs. 145.00

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  • Essentia aurea*

    Essentia aurea*

    The cardio-tonic which improves muscular tone of the heart and reduces narrowing of blood vessels more

    • Currently 3.99/5

    (70 Ratings)

    Rs. 160.00

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  • Rauvolfia serpentina 1x

    Rauvolfia serpentina 1x

    High blood pressure* more

    • Currently 4.52/5

    (165 Ratings)

    Rs. 150.00

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  • Viscum Pentarkan*

    Viscum Pentarkan*

    High Blood Pressure more

    • Currently 4.27/5

    (60 Ratings)

    Rs. 145.00

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